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See you at the Fairbank Summerfest June 27-28, 2020!
experience the festival from the inside!


Calling all volunteers for the Annual Fairbank Summerfest Street Festival!

With help from the city and great volunteers, we’ve managed to close down a section of Eglinton and host thousands of guests! It’s quite the project, but dozens of volunteers and community partners put their time, skills and energy into the event to make the festival bigger and better each year.

Thank you to all the volunteers that have helped over the years to make this and Fairbank Village's other events possible!  We couldn't do this without all of you!

Flavours of Fairbank Volunteers
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Volunteer Timing & age requirements


There's a variety of shift times, so you can pick a shift and day that’s convenient for you! A minimum of a 5 hour commitment is required unless you're offering in-kind professional services (please contact us to inquire). You can also sign up for more than one shift!

We welcome volunteers of all ages! For those 14 years or younger, parental permission is required before booking your spot. For large group signups, please contact the office to introduce yourself.

Volunteer letters will be provided to those who need them.

Event Day Roles?

Calling all problem solvers! Help set up the Fairbank Village booth, check in volunteers, help with public safety, ensuring breaks for volunteers and more.

Are you a people person? We need promoters, booth helpers and engagement officers! Help visitors and performers to find where they want to go, hand out postcards for our community events and invite people to fill out our survey for a chance to win a big screen TV!

Great with kids and parents? We're offering FREE rides this year! Help ensure safety and engage parents and kids at our large bouncy rides! There will also be spots available at the popcorn tent, foosbal tables, and a few others.

Like to sample at the buffet and learn a bit of everything? Floaters get to think on their feet and move around to help out a in a variety of roles, fill in and give the other volunteers a break!

Have great photography, video or social media skills? Help us capture the event!

We also welcome experienced volunteers or newbies with excellent verbal communication and leadership skills to work with a supervisor to help us manage this great team!

Why Volunteer?

Top 10 reasons
  • 2. A variety of roles to choose from

    1. Have fun!


  • 3. Develop new skills

    4. Meet new people!


  • 6. Learn how an event comes together

    5. Help support the community!


  • 7. Experience for your resume  

    8. Free Pizza!


  • 10. If you need a bus ticket or token to get home, we've got you covered.

    9. Bring your friends!


Ready to sign up?

Use our online system to register for a spot! It's easy, and you will NOT to have to create an account/pw, just enter your name, phone and email, and select the spot(s) that interest you. Signup.com does not share your email with anyone. If you sign-up a friend, please enter their contact info separately so they'll receive the reminder and instructions too. A minimum of 24-48 hours is required for cancellations for individual bookings, but up to a week really helps us to offer the spot to another volunteer. Group (5+) bookings require 5 business days notice if the group is unable to attend.

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