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See you at Fairbank Summerfest June 27-28, 2020!
Fairbank Summerfest

Partnership Opportunities

Sponsors of Fairbank Summerfest are welcome to contribute in many ways including financial support, provision of services, donation of products, and media and advertising support. With over 20,000 visitor in attendance over 2.5 million impressions unique branding opportunities to our sponsors in this up and coming neighbourhood along the new LRT development corridor. Build a strong relationship with the community and support this diverse, family event. We guarantee every financial dollar goes right back into making the event bigger and better!

Municipal Partners

Marketing opportunities

A live community event with face-to-face marketing opportunities. Exposure innational and local media outlets across multiple platforms. Pre and post event exposure across TV, Print, Direct Mail and Digital Media. Ongoing social media promotion.

A diverse, Family event

$90,000+ average household incomes have been increasing as property values rise. 35-44 families, with children aged 0-14, 6 or more persons in household. A diverse market including English, Portuguese, Filipino ,Latin, Italian, Caribbean, Chinese, Greek...
Source: ManifoldDataMiningInc

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Now in its 10th year, a growing summer festival supported by all levels of government. Fairbank Summerfest is now produced by Superior Events Inc., an experienced event currator.

Main attraction

Every year we aim to offer a main attraction worthy of enticing new and return visitors. We're offering FREE midway rides and giant bouncies!

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